An Grand Early Start to Black History Month

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The United States (unlike England who use the 31 day month October) has chosen the shortest month of the year to celebrate Black History  but I have managed to get 30 days to celebrate this year by starting a day early in this leap year.  Basically I cheated, deal with it.

This is the year of the last term of our first black president and, while that is a historically significant fact, so are the facts of the police killings that demands the development of interventions like “Black Lives Matter” to remind society of a fact that should be obvious but clearly is not, that we have a serious human rights crisis here.  However, rather than getting into yet another acknowledgement of our racist society, I am interested in sharing a wonderful positive experience that I hope will provide as much inspiration to my readers as it did to the…

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Joseph Charles Price an Unsung Hero

Thanks to Dr. Lenwood Davis for this article.

Tradition of Excellence

By Dr. Lenwood Davis

During Black History Month a number of African American heroes are discussed such as Crispus Attucks, Benjamin Banneker, Mary McLeod Bethune, George Washington Carver, Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. DuBois, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks,  A. Phillip Randolph, Paul Robeson, Sojourner Truth, Nat Turner, Malcolm X and too many others to name.

Among the number of Unsung African American heroes who are usually forgotten is Joseph Charles Price.  He was a major African American leader between 1880 – 1893.

Joseph Charles Price was born in Elizabeth City, N.C. on Feb. 10, 1854.  Emily Paulin, his mother, was born a free African American woman and his father, Charles Dozier, was a slave. During Slavery the child always followed the status of the mother.  Since Price’s mother was a free woman, he also was a free child.  Price and his mother moved to New Bern, N.C., to…

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I look at art from two perspectives. I include African American artists as well as African Americans as the subject of art. Virginia Fouche Bolton was a beloved South Carolina artist known for her watercolors of Charleston and the Gullah people of Edisto.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  FOUCHE venus_my_friend FOUCHE lord_come_sit_by_my_window


Addie James is a self taught artist from Statesville, NC. I was fortunate to pick up these two original paintings.                                                                                                                                     3-17-2010 1;20;33 AM 3-17-2010 1;20;30 AM


Who are the Top Ten African American artists? Who are YOUR favorite artists? This is subjective, as it should be. Sometimes we favor artists that have been around a long time. Other times we find a new artist that jumps out at us from the internet. This watercolor by Stacey Brown really speaks to me. You can find more of his art on Etsy. or his website!/3/featured/Watercolors/115

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