The beauty of inspiration is that you never know where it will come from. I wanted to show you an album cover of Dean Dixon and share what I had learned from the liner notes. I could not find it. I turned to the internet and found something so much better. Enjoy this article about Dean Dixon and so much more. (Be sure to click on “View Original”.)  Thanks Allan for permmission to share.

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James Anderson De Preist(1936-2013) James Anderson De Preist

The recent passing of conductor James DePreist is a great loss to the world of classical music. I first encountered this man’s work when I bought a New World CD containing music by Milton Babbitt (Relata I), David Diamond (Symphony No. 5) and Vincent Persichetti (Night Dances). All performances are by the Julliard Orchestra under three different conductors of music by three different composers of about the same generation of east coast American Composers. De Priest conducts the Night Dances piece. He had studied under Persichetti at the Philadelphia Conservatory.

De Preist had a fondness and a feel for contemporary music. Among his fifty some recordings (no reliable discography is available online just yet) he recorded music by Paul Creston, George Walker, Gunther Schuller, Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, Easley Blackwood, Aulis Sallinen, Giya Kancheli, Alfred Schnittke, William Walton, Nicholas Flagello and Joseph Schwantner among other more…

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We all have our sports heros, some local, some universal. Reggie White belonged to us all. Beloved in many states he set a wonderful example for football players of all ages.                                                                                                                                                                                                  3-17-2010 11;34;07 PM


Of course “PEOPLE” will come from all of the other categories. Still, there are times you will discover an artifact from an individual that is important to you.

Lee Elder played an important role in golf. Here are his one-of-a-kind hands cast in faux-marble with a picture of him with his hands in the mold and his signature. Only one set was made.                                                                                                                                                                                Screenshot 2015-11-05 00.20.11


There is so much music out there it is hard to know where to begin. One of my favorites is a record set by Leontyne Price. I found this set at Goodwill for 25 cents and it is signed!                                                                                                                                                                            BH2 002


Joseph Charles Price. If there was one man in all of History that I could meet it would be Joseph Charles Price. He was called  “The World’s Orator” by the English press. He was the founder and first President of Livingstone College.  He is known for the saying, “I do not care how dark the night; I believe in the coming of the morning.”                                                                                                                                                                                         CAMERON POTTERY DAY 2013 015 (2)