Eighteen years in the making, it is time to go public. My son came home in second grade and said, “I need something to take to school for Black History Month.” My idea was to find something that would “Wow” the kids. I found some things and they put them on display in the school Media Center. Over the years the collection has grown.  My son has graduated from college and it is harder and harder to find a venue for it. I have decided to try to share it here. Your input is welcome.

You can thank Morgan Freeman for the title  of this page. For years I have had a Facebook page titled Blackhistorymonth. After reading some of Mr Freeman’s thoughts on Black History “Month” I decided to change to Black History Celebration for this site and the Facebook page.

You can also use this site for ideas on what to collect and share. Remember “WOW”‘s are personal. Draw from your experiences. Share what moves you.

Finally, do not do all of the work for the people looking at your collection. Plant a seed, give them an idea and let them discover why you are excited about it by doing their own research.

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